Sussex Ladies Golf Association website

Agency: Woollybear Design
Client: SCLGA
Project: Website design and implementation

The brief: SCLGA needed to to raise their profile as a forward thinking organisation in the world of ladies golf.  They had established that their HTML site was both difficult to manage and update regularly.

A simpler web based tool such as WordPress deemed the best option for such an organisation, especially as budget was key. Working closely with the SCLGA communications officer, I set out to develop a fresh look to the website using wordpress.



A series of ‘hero’ images, each flagging up common rules and key etiquette pointers, were created for the homepage.

Throughout the season the golfing calendar and schedule of events/competions throughout the county generates alot of activity. It was key to ensure appointed committee members were able to update content on a regular basis with the least amount of hassle.





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