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Barclays pensions illustration

Earlier in the year I was commissioned by Ferrier Pearce to deliver on a series of illustrations for Barclays Pensions communications.

The illustrations needed to communicate the benefits an individuals contributions can have on a pension. The two individuals, Karl and Jane comparing their individual contributions in a ‘comic book’ approach using a modern-day simplified digital style. The key style specification was integrating elements of texture. The series includes illustrations representing a ‘Karl and Jane under 55 years’ and a ‘Karl and Jane over 55 years of age’ in conversation whilst out on an afternoon cycle.

I drew inspiration from many online resources¬† when setting out to achieve the integration of texture within the simplistic digital style. After sketching out the individual characters, Karl and Jane ‘under age 55’ and a Karl and Jane ‘over 55’ , the individual frames of the storyboard were then completed using illustrator and photoshop.

Click here to view the entire project.